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Does my child need to trial for any academy training?

Yes for the advanced program - pro player pathway - there are trials. Not for the regular small group program.

In the event of wet weather, what procedures are taken?

Light rain lessons continue, heavy rain and poor weather conditions, the lesson is postponed and either credited to the next term or added at the end of the current term (to be communicated in the event this happens).

Is it possible to register late or midway through a term for a program?

Yes you can register anytime.

What is included as part of my registration?

Small group program - 10 small group lessons plus an award at the commencement of the term.

Advanced group program - 10 lessons plus updated weekly homework tasks throughout the term through an online login to advance skills and understanding.

What happens if we have another lockdown?

In the event of another lockdown we will be sure to communicate with each and every registered participant personally to ensure that we either provide a full refund for lessons not able to be completed or agree to continue once the lockdown is lifted.

What if my child cannot attend one week?

If your child cannot attend one week we may be able to provide a credit for the next term and we are very understanding so please speak directly with one of the coaches.

If this program is to accelerate/improve my skills, will I be grouped with others at a similar level?

Yes, you will. Groups are not based on age but rather on ability and so students will be accelerated into more advanced groups as they progress.

I'm interested in an after school program for my child, how does it work?

Straight after school your child head's to the designated area for roll call

Session is undertaken for an hour by our friendly and professional coaches

Children are picked up after 1 hour 

Each term there is a syllabus and each session has a purpose to develop one of the 4 key fundamental skills. We focus on a topic and always end in small sided games to ensure we are having fun!

Suitable for boys and girls aged 5-12 years.

If your would like to see S4S at your school get in touch with Peter at

I've purchased a holiday program pass, how do I book my child into the days I want?


  • To finalise your booking click on the Holiday Programs in the menu and click 'Book Now'. Make sure you are logged into you account on the S4S website. 


  • Select a day your child will be attending the holiday program using the calendar and press 'Next'.


  • Complete any missing details like DOB about your child and select your purchased 'Holiday Program Pass' to use as payment and press 'Add to Cart'
    *Note this will not charge you anything but just use the credits from the pass you already purchased to book your child into your nominated day(s).


  • Repeat Step 3 to book into any additional days and add them to your cart. Once you've booked into all the days your child is attending press 'View Cart' and 'Checkout' to finalise and 'Place Order'

  • Can't find the calendar to book your child in, use the link here to complete your booking
    *To get back to the calendar click back in your browser or go to the Holidays Program page.

You will receive a confirmation email for all the days you have booked your child into and will also see them in "Your Bookings" in your account.



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